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Here at Dental Minds, we help our fellow Chicagoans discover our new and unique approach to dentistry. In our thoughtfully designed office in Logan Square, we educate our patients and help them achieve lifelong dental health. While our focus is on cavity prevention, we take great pride in providing high-tech composite tooth fillings for treating a cavity should one occur.

This is dentistry done differently. Experienced Chicago dentists Dr. Cho and Dr. Moon believe in:

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Our High-Tech Tooth Fillings

“Do you use mercury fillings?”

No, we don’t use mercury amalgam (silver) fillings. At Dental Minds, we use only naturally colored composite tooth fillings. These fillings are made from a tooth-like material that offers many advantages compared to silver metal fillings, including:

  • 5Size - Composite tooth fillings are smaller and preserve more of your natural tooth structure
  • 5Appearance - Our composite fillings can be shaded to look just like your natural teeth

If you’re seeing us for the first time, your visit will take around 90 minutes. Don’t forget to take us up on this $149 new patient special offer.

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Cavity Symptoms

“Do I need a filling?”

The most common symptoms of a cavity are tooth sensitivity and pain. If you’re finding it uncomfortable to bite down and chew or are noticing increased sensitivity to hot and cold foods, schedule an appointment at Dental Minds. We’ll assess your tooth and recommend a plan for making you feel better fast!

Cavity Prevention & Diagnosis

“Can you help me prevent cavities?”

At our high-tech dental exams and cleanings, our dentists use 3D digital imaging and x-rays technology to monitor the health of your teeth and look for signs of trouble. We can spot cavities when they’re very small and “watch” trouble spots that might develop into a cavity in the future.

When we do identify a cavity or area of decay, we can treat the issue very conservatively with a small composite filling. This allows you to keep your natural teeth as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

In addition to regular exams and cleanings, make sure to eat a diet that’s rich in leafy greens and low in sugary and acidic foods and drinks. Even fruit juice, once thought to be a healthy choice, should be enjoyed in moderation. Ask your dentist for more information on cavity prevention tips!

Dental Insurance & Financing

“Will dental insurance pay for my tooth filling?”

At Dental Minds, we are in-network with many major PPO insurance companies. Depending on your insurance plan, restorative care like a composite filling will likely be covered in part or in full. Our front office staff will check your benefits and your estimated out-of-pocket cost.

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If you don’t have insurance, don’t worry. We offer flexible payment options and cash prices for procedures.

COVID-safe Dentistry

“How are you keeping your patients safe?”

Our practice is following guidance from the CDC and ADA to ensure we provide care that’s as safe as possible during all procedures, including fillings for cavity repair in Chicago. We take social distancing, sanitation, air purification, and masking very seriously.

Our office policies are evolving as more information becomes available. When you schedule your visit, we’ll explain everything you need to know.

$149 New Patient Special

Save $347 on your first visit to Dental Minds with our $149 new patient special that includes:

  • Comprehensive Exam - $148 value
  • Cleaning - $142 value
  • X-Rays - $206 value
  • Full Treatment Plan

(Cannot be combined with insurance, new patients only, not valid in cases of periodontal disease. $149 special includes regular cleaning only. Deep cleaning not included. Please note that regular cleaning cannot be done if deep cleaning is recommended by the doctor.)

Explore alternative insights for your dental concerns, at no cost to you

Are you confused or do you have questions about a treatment plan? At Dental Minds, educating our patients is a top priority.

Our dentists take pride in listening to patients and answering questions. Call (312) 820-0330 today.

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