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Dr. Steve Moon

Making a difference in people’s lives

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Dr. Steve Moon

From a very young age, Dr. Moon knew he wanted to help improve people’s health — and he found in Dentistry the perfect way to do so. Today, he’s proud to help his patients enhance both their health and appearance.

Aware of the traumatic experiences that many people have with their dentists, Dr. Moon’s biggest motivation is to change that by providing efficient, honest, and hassle-free treatments to his patients.

Dr. Moon considers himself a detail-oriented dentist, who also pays close attention to how his patients feel. He has shaped and changed the way he provides dental treatments based on his patients’ responses, and he’s confident to say that they are as comfortable as possible during their dental treatments.

Dental Philosophy

Dr. Moon believes that dental treatment is a partnership between him and the patient. That’s why he ensures each patient is as involved and empowered as possible, providing them with complete, straightforward information at every stage of their process.

He knows that this takes time, so he likes to talk to his patients longer than an average doctor would. However, he understands that patients might not like their dental appointments to be overly extended, so he keeps visits simple and streamlined.


“I know there is a real world out there and that dental health can’t always be your #1 priority. Just come see us every 6 months, and we’ll do our best to keep your dental health in top shape!”

– Dr. Steve Moon

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Besides Dentistry

Dr. Moon is known for being friendly and straightforward.

He considers himself an active person, who prefers walking in the park to sitting on a bench. He loves trying new restaurants and playing different sports, including soccer, Muay Thai, and weightlifting.

Dr. Moon also has a great appreciation for unique cafes and he dreams about owning a coffee shop someday.

Fun Facts

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Dr. Moon has lived in 6 cities and 4 different countries

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His first roller coaster ride wasn’t until he was 30 years old

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He never drove regularly until he was 31

Advice from Dr. Moon

“Cavity is a battle of acids. Maintain your mouth at a neutral or basic pH level, and you’ll have healthier teeth.”

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