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The Dental Minds Difference

A new approach to general dentistry

Dental Minds is for anyone who wants more than just another dentist. We’ve started from scratch, eliminated the frustrations, and redesigned the dental experience from the ground up. This is dentistry how it should be.

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Dental Cleanings & Exams

“How often do I need to see a dentist?”

Most people should get a dental cleaning and exam about twice a year — every 6 months or so. If you have a history of gum disease or cavities, you might benefit from more regular check-ins and treatments. At Dental Minds, we’ll figure out a schedule that works for you. Our dental exams and cleanings include:

  • 5Time with your dentist to discuss your health and any concerns you have
  • 5Gentle and thorough cleaning and polishing of your teeth
  • 5Dental exam, including gum health evaluation and oral cancer screening
  • 5Custom treatment plan to fix cavities or address other issues
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Digital X-rays



Yes! The high-tech digital imaging technology at Dental Minds is very safe. Compared to, say an x-ray at the emergency room for a broken arm, a dental x-ray uses a tiny fraction of the amount of radiation. In fact, you’re exposed to more radiation flying from Chicago to Los Angeles than you are when you get dental x-rays taken.

In addition to digital x-rays, we use a 3D scanning system to assess the health of your teeth and gums, including the progression of gum recession and teeth grinding. Not only can we tell you what’s happening in your mouth, we can show you.

Root Canals



One of the reasons our patients choose Dental Minds is because we offer comprehensive care. We can perform most root canals right here in our office with no need for a referral to an endodontist.

Our root canal treatments are fast, comfortable, and extremely effective at relieving the pain of a really bad toothache. Plus, a root canal allows you to avoid having a tooth extracted.

Dental Insurance & Financing

“Do you take my dental insurance?”

Dental Minds is in-network with most PPO dental insurance plans. Call our office at (312) 820-0330. We can check your insurance and let you know what you can expect to pay for general dental services at our office.

If you don’t have insurance, don’t worry. We’re transparent about our treatment costs and can work with you to provide the care you need at a price you can afford.

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In addition to our $149 new patient special (which includes a cleaning, exam, and x-rays), our most popular general dentistry services start at…

  • dental exams icon of tooth and magnifying glassExams


  • dental cleanings icon of tooth and toolsCleanings


  • dental tooth xray iconX-rays


COVID-safe Dentistry

“Is it safe to go to the dentist?”

COVID-19 is on everyone’s mind and affects every aspect of daily life. We’ve designed our office to be as safe as possible — today, tomorrow, and when COVID-19 is a distant memory. We take social distancing, sanitation, air purification, and masking very seriously.

Our office policies are evolving as more information becomes available. When you schedule your visit, we’ll explain everything you need to know.

Gentle, Comfortable & Compassionate Care

“I hate going to the dentist…”

We get it. There are a million reasons why people avoid the dentist. What’s your reason?

“I haven’t been to the dentist in years.”

We’ll welcome you with open arms and create a plan to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy and happy. We never judge and we never lecture.

“I’m scared it’s going to hurt.”

We’ll make sure you’re comfortable before, during, and even after your treatment is over. We can’t promise that you won’t feel a thing, but we’ve got a gentle touch and love to hear our patients say, “You’re already done?”

“I’ve got too much going on.”

Logan Square is your home and you love it here. So do we! Our convenient office is open 6 days a week. We’ll find a time that fits even the busiest schedule.

If you hate going to the dentist, then you’ll love DENTAL MINDS!

Full-Service Dental Care

“What dental treatments do you provide?”

Our experienced dentists and staff rarely need to refer patients to specialists. Most treatments can be done in our convenient Logan Square office.

Available treatments include:

  • ZFillings
  • ZCrowns
  • ZImplants
  • ZWhitening
  • ZVeneers
  • ZInvisalign
  • ZExtractions

Whether you’re looking to touch up a stained smile, straighten misaligned teeth, fix cavities, or just maintain your dental health, Dr. Cho and Dr. Moon are here to help.

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Becoming a Patient

“I’m looking for a general dentist in Logan Square. Are you accepting new patients?”

Yes! Our $149 new patient special includes:

  • 5Exam
  • 5X-ray
  • 5Cleaning

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