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What a deep cleaning can do for your health

Are your gums irritated, swollen, or bleeding? Maybe you’ve also noticed bad breath, or that your teeth seem “longer” when you look in the mirror? If any of these sound familiar, it may be time to get a deep cleaning.

Deep cleaning is also known as SRP (Scaling and Root Planing) or gum therapy. It’s a procedure in which we remove plaque and tartar that have built up below the gum line. This treatment helps us prevent and treat gum disease and improve your overall dental health.

Benefits of deep gum cleaning:

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Cleans plaque and tartar below the gum line

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Helps stop gum disease

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Prevents potential tooth loss

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Promotes general oral health

Do I need SRP treatment?

More than a regular cleaning

If you keep good oral hygiene habits at home – like brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing at least once – you can prevent several oral diseases from developing. Yet, plaque can still build up below the gum line, which can lead to gum disease without you even knowing it.

Gum disease, or periodontitis, is a serious condition in which your gums get infected. It may not only affect your gums but also your jaw bone, which may lead to tooth loss and other health issues. Deep cleaning is a way to treat or prevent way to treat or prevent this from happening, allowing your gums to develop healthily.

If you would like to get an accurate diagnosis and find out if you need this or any other treatment, our experienced dentists in Logan Square are here for you. Schedule a consultation today!

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Improve your dental health

Almost half of the adults in America have gum disease

Getting a deep dental cleaning can dramatically impact your dental health and overall wellness.

By preventing or stopping periodontitis, you can also prevent other serious health conditions, like jaw bone loss and tooth loss. If you haven’t been to the dentist in a long time and you think you may need a deep dental cleaning, our experienced doctors are here to help. Take the first step toward improving your oral health by scheduling an appointment with us.

What to expect during gum treatment

The procedure

At Dental Minds, a deep gum cleaning can take one or two sessions to be completed. This procedure usually doesn’t need any preparation, although our team may give you some recommendations before your appointment.

Before starting, one of our dentists will administer a local anesthetic to make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed during the entire procedure. Then, they’ll use a special instrument to remove the plaque and tartar from below your gums.

After the cleaning, the doctor may use an antibiotic to eliminate the remaining bacteria and to help with gum infection.

What to do after gum therapy


When you visit our office in Logan Square for a dental deep cleaning, one of our dentists will explain to you everything you need to know so you will have all the information you’ll need in advance. This includes aftercare recommendations.

Some of the instructions they may give you are:

  • Don’t eat/drink anything until the sensation of numbness has disappeared
  • Use pain medication and/or antibiotics if prescribed.
  • Don’t consume hot foods or beverages until the anesthetic has worn off. Stay away from spicy foods for the next 24 hours
  • Don’t do any energetic exercise for 24 hours
  • Don’t drink alcoholic beverages or smoke for at least 48 hours
  • Don’t suspend brushing and flossing. Do it gently while your mouth is sore
  • Follow any other recommendations your doctor will give you

Dental Insurance & Financing

“Does dental insurance pay for cleanings?”

At Dental Minds, we are in-network with many major PPO insurance companies. Depending on your insurance plan, your exam and cleaning will likely be covered in part or in full! Our front office staff will check your benefits and your estimated out-of-pocket cost.

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If you don’t have insurance, don’t worry. We offer flexible payment options and cash prices for procedures.

$149 New Patient Special

Save $347 on your first visit to Dental Minds with our $149 new patient special that includes:

  • Comprehensive Exam - $148 value
  • Cleaning - $142 value
  • X-Rays - $206 value
  • Full Treatment Plan

(Cannot be combined with insurance, new patients only, not valid in cases of periodontal disease. $149 special includes regular cleaning only. Deep cleaning not included. Please note that regular cleaning cannot be done if deep cleaning is recommended by the doctor.)

Explore alternative insights for your dental concerns, at no cost to you

Are you confused or do you have questions about a treatment plan? At Dental Minds, educating our patients is a top priority.

Our dentists take pride in listening to patients and answering questions. We are happy to provide a second opinion you can trust. Call (312) 820-0330 today.

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