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Dr. JC Cho

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Dr. JC Cho

For Dr. Cho, dentistry is more than his job — it’s a calling. It’s about learning constantly and looking for new ways to improve his patients’ lives.

Born into a family of dentists (he has more than 10 family members in the field of dentistry!), Dr. Cho fell in love with dentistry at a young age. His passion for dentistry grew stronger with time, and today, he’s proud to say that he has helped hundreds of patients achieve healthier and happier smiles.

His commitment to dentistry shows in his passion for learning. Every year, he takes continuing education courses to learn new skills and technologies that allow him to improve his patients’ experience.

Dental Philosophy

Dr. Cho believes that oral health has a deep connection with overall health. He goes beyond dental issues and focuses on each patient as a whole. His patient-oriented approach and attention to detail enable him to perform thorough examinations and customized treatment plans designed to improve his patients’ well-being.

For Dr. Cho, communication is a significant part of his job. He loves educating his patients and explaining his findings and recommendations to them with simplicity.


“Identifying the cause of dental issues is as important as fixing their consequences!”

– Dr. JC Cho

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Dedicated to top-quality dental care

Dr. David Cho has trained extensively at the renowned Kois Center, known for its high standards in dental education.

The Kois Center, established by Dr. John C. Kois in Seattle, offers a comprehensive educational program that’s highly respected in the dental community. This program trains dentists in the most advanced, research-based techniques and updates them regularly with the latest scientific advancements.

By mastering a detailed 9-course curriculum, Dr. Cho has attained expertise in all aspects of dental treatment — from the foundational principles to complex restorative procedures. His training at the Kois Center ensures he can address various dental health issues with precision and create customized treatment plans that meet the needs of each patient. This holistic approach significantly raises the level of care he provides, making each dental experience more effective and personalized.

His training includes:

  • Comprehensive learning: The Kois curriculum is extensive, focusing on both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.
  • Evidence-based techniques: Dr. Cho uses treatments and methodologies that are grounded in the latest scientific research.
  • Tailored patient care: With his deep understanding of various dental conditions, Dr. Cho crafts personalized treatment plans.

At Dental Minds, Dr. Cho brings this top-level training to his patients by offering:

  • Reliable Care
  • Personalized attention
  • Commitment to excellence

Besides Dentistry

Dr. Cho loves spending time with his family, playing golf, and watching soccer, baseball, basketball, and football.

Fun Facts

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Dr. Cho decided to become a dentist when he was in 9th grade

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He plays in the highest division of an online soccer league

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He’s been playing fantasy baseball with friends from dental school for more than 10 years (and hasn’t won yet)

Advice from Dr. Cho

“Finding problems early can make treatment easier and will save you time and money. So, even if you have no symptoms, don’t skip your check-ups every 6 months!”

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