Choose Your New York Construction Accident Attorney Wisely

AttorneyAccidents are accidents; they occur when you least expect them. Construction accidents spell additional expenses and even permanent or temporary personal injury. While you may receive the best care and recover in hospitals today, you end up paying a lot of money on your treatment.

Even if you have a good insurance policy, you usually end up not getting the compensation you deserve because of the company’s rules. If you suffer from an accident particularly because of someone else’s fault, and you are sure you can get the money you deserve, then it’s important you pursue its compensation.

It’s natural that you will think of representing yourself to save money. Though you may have to pay a lawyer for their services, it’s well worth it considering the amount of money they can get you as your compensation.

Your inexperience and insufficient knowledge about the laws may end up with your getting a poor compensation or result. If you don’t know a New York construction accident lawyer to hire, and need some help finding one, here is an ultimate guide to help you find one.


You need to first build a list of potential attorneys to approach. It’s always better looking for someone local as different states have different laws. Hiring a local person who’s well versed with your area’s regulations is always a better option.

Ask your friends, family or work colleagues for referrals. If you don’t know anyone, just look online, check the yellow pages and even the state’s bar association. Then build a list of potential references while noting their good and bad points.

Check online review sites to see if there are any complaints filed against a particular firm. Also check each law firm’s website for testimonials from previous clients.

Initial consultation

Once you have shortlisted a few potential accident attorneys hold a face to face meeting with them. Make complete use of the first free legal consultation attorneys offer their clients and decide if your case is worth pursuing or not.

Prepare a list of questions you want to ask your attorneys before the initial consultation. Based on the response they give to these questions, you will be able to decide if they are the right attorney for your needs or not.

Discuss evidence

Don’t forget to take along all evidence about your accident so that you can discuss how they plan to proceed with the case. Judging by your evidence, the attorney will be able to tell you how much the case will cost you.

Hire New York construction accident lawyers who work on a no-win fee basis where they charge you a third of the payout you receive as their payment. If you have the time, and if you are persistent, you could consider watching your potential attorneys in action in session. As courthouses are public places, watching them here you will be able to observe how well and adept the attorney is at handling cases similar to yours.

Check experience and education

When you have further narrowed your choice of potential accident attorneys, you next need to check that the law firm or team of attorneys has the right licensing to perform all their legal services.

Take a look at the potential attorney’s experiences, education and specializations to find out if they precisely meet your needs. Hire an attorney who keeps up to date with the latest changes in the construction accident laws as they are more experienced and capable at handling your case.

Lawyers to avoid

It is always better to hire competent and well-responsive attorneys who have already handled cases similar to yours with lots of passion. Avoid attorneys who have lots of professional complaints and who fail to return their client calls or provide you with relevant information about your case. Also avoid attorneys who are extremely aggressive or give outlandish or unrealistic guarantees for compensation.

Carefully read and understand everything

Don’t forget to carefully read and understand any contracts and agreements you sign with your lawyers. Be careful of attorneys who force you to sign on everything they give you. Read the fine print and every word of the contract with scrutiny to ensure the lawyer has your best interests in mind while accepting your case. Ask and clarify anything you don’t understand on the contract.

Based on all this information, you now have to choose the right accident lawyer NY for your case. Remember that the more successful the firm is at handling cases, the higher the chances of their winning your case for you